Like many suitors, my husband-to-be, Ted, used roses to express his affection back when we were dating. At one point in the courtship, Ted sent me a dozen gorgeous red roses, along with a card that read, “A bushel and a peck. Ted”. At the time- this was the early ‘50s – there was a popular song that went “I love you a bushel and a pack…” Ted left the “I love you” part off the card, but in my mind I filled it in.
— Lois Hole Roses Volume 2

The idea of having a floral studio within Hole's Greenhouse started way back in the '80s and it has since become the “Best Choice” for amazing, fragrant arrangements. We design flowers for everyday occasions and celebrations as well as for special events including weddings, parties, corporate events and funerals. We love spreading joy through floral design and take great pride in our work. If you have a floral gift that you'd like to send to someone special, we'd be delighted to help.

You can place an order via phone, email or right here online. Or you could always come and visit us!

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I like to keep flowers in my kitchen – they fill the whole room with fragrance.
— The Best of Lois Hole