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Hi, my name is Lily! My love of plants started when I was a teenager living in South America. The climate in South America gave me a strong understanding of tropical and indoor plants. Having plants in your home is good for your health and a great remedy for allergies. I love snake plants because they are easy to care for and do so much for you by cleaning the air you breath!



Hi, I'm Moriganagh. I'm a creative type with an eye for aesthetics, and plants are no exception! For years I've been designing for the Festival of Trees and the St. Albert Garden Show. Come in and I will help you select pots and plants to accentuate your home decor. Bring photos of your home!

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We're here to help! Our outdoor living team is lead by landscape designer Maria Beers and host a wealth of landscaping knowledge. 

Know the dimensions and sun exposure of the area you are looking to transform, plus a photo of the outdoor area, and watch your landscaping dreams come true.

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