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Get Rid of Bugs With & Without Sprays!

Whether you are a seasoned veteran of gardening or a complete novice, I am offering FREE seminars at Hole's Greenhouses. See below for a full list of all the various topics and dates I'll be covering this year:

Get Rid of Bugs, With & Without Sprays! (Conventional & Organic Included)


There are a growing number of people who don't want to use any type of spray – organic or not – in their yards. But is it possible to grow a garden without any sprays whatsoever? The answer is yes! Jim will show how you can do it by understanding more about the plants, tools, & beneficial insects, fungi, and bacteria that will help to control serious plant pests.

July 8th at 1pm

Grow Big, Tasty, Healthy Tomatoes

This Father's Day weekend, show Dad you care about him and his health! Jim will be doing a workshop on everything you need to know to grow the biggest, tastiest, and healthiest tomatoes—and the first 100 Dad's who attend each day will get a free tomato plant—compliments of Hole’s Greenhouses!

Full of lycopene, tomatoes deliver a powerhouse of health benefits for Dad including:

  • Better heart health
  • Sharper vision
  • Cancer-fighting properties
  • Improved brain function
  • Natural pain treatment
  • Stronger bones

Please note: registering for this workshop will guarantee your attendance in the workshop, but will not guarantee a free tomato plant. The first 100 Dad's who attend the workshop in person will receive a free tomato plant.

June 17th at 1pm

June 18th at 1pm

Top 10 Tips & Questions: Summer Pruning

Summer is not often thought of as the season to prune, but it is…if you know what to do. Summer pruning should be a part of a regular pruning program provided you know what, where, why and how.

  • What can be pruned in summer?
  • What should not be pruned?
  • How should the plants be pruned?
  • What are some things that you should avoid in summer versus spring pruning?
  • What are the benefits of summer pruning?
  • What are the disadvantages of summer pruning?

June 10th

June 11th

Top 10 Tips & Questions: Trees

Research shows that simply by having one large, shade tree in your yard can increase property values by around 9%. Of course, that is assuming that you have enough space to accommodate a big tree! But there is no doubt that a tree is an investment that is worth protecting.


Here are the top 10 tree questions and concerns that I have receive from tree owners over the years

  • How do I plant a tree properly?
  • What type of tree should I plant?
  • How do I fertilize it?
  • What are bugs attacking it and how do I get rid of them?
  • When do I prune?
  • How do I prune?
  • How much water does it need?
  • What kind of soil does it need?
  • How much sunlight does it need?
  • What is the best tree to grow here?

June 3rd

June 4th

Top 10 Tips & Questions: Perennials

There are hundreds of perennials that grow well here but if you just want to grow those that provide the very best performance, what do you plant and how? Pop out this weekend to learn about the top 10 perennials and how to grow them.

Here are some of questions that I will answer.

  • What is the best soil for perennials?
  • What are the best ones to grow?
  • What fertilizer do they need?
  • Which ones are best for sun and which are best for shade?

May 27th

May 28th

Top 10 Tips For Small Spaces & Small Yards

On average, modern yards aren’t as big as they once were. But a small yard can still grow beautiful plants and delicious vegetable and fruit. By choosing the correct plant species and varieties, while ensuring the right kind of soils and supplements are used, one can still enjoy a fabulous garden.

Some of the questions that I will address:

  • What are the best dwarf shrubs to plant?
  • What are the best dwarf vegetables?
  • What is ‘espalier’ and can I use that technique here?
  • Are containers best for small yards?
  • What can be grown on balconies?

May 20th

May 21st

Go Vertical - Grow In Containers

Growing plants in containers can save time, money and perhaps - most importantly -your back! Going vertical is a great option – and sometimes the only option- for those who live in condos or apartments. But even if you have unlimited space, going vertical with containers can still provide the ‘greatest bang for the buck’.


But being successful with containers requires the right type of soil, fertilizer and other components to get the greatest return on your investment. 

Jim will show how easy and rewarding container can be if once you learn the basics.  

May 13th

May 14th

"Prune, Rake, Dig!" + FREE Sharpening!

Come and join Jim Hole and learn the pruning and spring gardening essentials. Bring in your pruner, shovel or garden hoe and we will professionally sharpen it for FREE!* (*Does not include sharpening for saws or mower blades) 

Everyone who attends this workshop will be entered in a draw for a $100 gift card!

April 15th

April 16th

Tomatoes:  Not All Are Created Equally

Tomatoes are the single most popular garden vegetable. But there are so many different varieties and so many different ways to grow them. Jim will talk about his top tomato favourites and what soils, sprays, fertilizers and containers are best for growing the tastiest tomatoes and getting the most fabulous yields.

Growing terrific tomatoes is easy once you choose the best varieties and grow them in the best environment.

May 6th

May 7th

Starting Seeds Indoors & Outdoors

Starting seeds is easy and can save you money. And it’s fun!  Small spaces in your home are great for starting seeds indoors, provided that you have growlights and few other supplies.

Jim will explore the world of starting seeds and show you all of the steps required for success.  Containers, soil, lights, fertilizer, heat mats, moisture and temperature will be discussed to get your seedlings off to a great start this year.

April 8th

April 9th

Soil: It’s Not Dirt 

Bring in a sample of your soil this weekend for a FREE soil test ($25 value). There are many things that we put in our gardens to allow our soils to grow better plants. Epsom salts, lime, compost tea and sugar are just a few of the many products we can add. What does your soil need? And what about terms like pH, texture and organic matter? What do they really mean? Find out this weekend what specific changes can be made to improve your soil and grow plants like never before.


Accurately collect your soil sample:

  • Sample garden soil from test area down to 15cm depth.  Collect a 250ml sample.
  • Potting soil sample should be 1/2 cup (125ml) and taken from the middle of the pot.

April 1st at 1PM

April 2nd at 1PM

What Grows Indoors

Is there a killer in your home? Is it you? 


In this indoor plant workshop Jim will cover the fundamentals of growing plants indoors and answer all of those burning questions including, which plants are best for cleaning the air in your home and which plants are safe for your pets. Whatever your questions may be, you will leave this workshop feeling confident and prepared to grow your indoor oasis.

March 18th

March 19th

10 Surefire Ways To Kill Your Trees And Shrubs

Trees and shrubs are some of our most precious garden plants. They provide beauty, shade, wildlife habitat while also increasing our property values. 

Over the years, Jim has seen thousands of samples of distressed trees and provided advice for people to ensure their trees lead a long and healthy life. 

 In "10 surefire ways to kill your trees" Jim will show you how to keep your trees and shrubs healthy by avoiding the 10 most common tree killers.

Stay tuned for dates

Pruning: The Best Time To Prune Is When The Saw Is Sharp

Fear of pruning is one of the main reasons why trees and shrubs don’t look their best, or worse, why they die. Pruning is an extremely important part of tree and shrub health, but knowing how to prune, when to prune and which tools to use to do the job correctly and safely.

Jim will demonstrate how to prune and what you can prune yourself and when it is time to call in the pros. Bring your specific pruning questions to the Q&A portion after the presentation.

Feb 25th

How To Get Rid Of Bugs Without Sprays. (Conventional and Organic Included)

There are a growing number of people who don’t want to use any type of spray – organic or not in their yards. But is it possible to grow a garden without any sprays whatsoever? The answer is yes! Jim will show how you can to do it by understanding more about the plants, tools and beneficial insects, fungi and bacteria  that will help to control serious plant pests. 

Stay tuned for dates

Better Choices, Best Advice For New Gardeners

Never planted a thing in your life? Don’t know which way the seed goes in the ground or why some plants are called perennials? Feel embarrassed to ask garden questions?  We’ve all been there – me included!

My presentation covers everything on how to get started in gardening and is designed for the complete novice. Jim will answer all of those garden questions that you may have been too afraid to ask and ensure that you leave the presentation with a roadmap on how to successfully grow plants!

March 4th