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Fall Pruning Talk
DIY Fall Planters
It's Time To Lighten Up!
Indoor Lighting Workshop

Prune When The Saw Is Sharp

What to prune this fall & how to do it right!


Fear of pruning is one of the main reasons why trees and shrubs don’t look their best, or worse, why they die. Pruning is an important part of tree and shrub health, and requires knowing how to prune, when to prune, and which tools to use to do the job correctly and safely.

Jim Hole will demonstrate how to prune, what you can prune yourself, and when it is time to call in the pros. Bring your specific pruning questions to the Q&A portion after this FREE presentation.

September 21 at 7pm

Part of St. Albert's Dig In Horticulinary Festival. Click below to reserve your spot.

September 30 at 1pm

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DIY Fall Planters

Build a beautiful fall arrangement. Jim Hole teams up with the Floral Studio at Hole’s to show you how to build a beautiful fall arrangement using real flowers, dried flowers, and even extra-high quality silk flowers for a look that will last for months.

October 7 at 1pm

It's Time To Lighten Up!

Wondering what grows indoors?


Lighting is key! Whether you’re growing herbs, microgreens, ornamental plants, or something else, Jim will explain what to consider and how natural light and grow lights can help.

October 14 at 1pm