Hole's Micro Market Featured Vendors:

ACBebe Kids

ACBeBe Kids is built on the belief that well-dressed children become confident children and self-assured adults. Our ever evolving ACBeBe  Exclusive Private Label  is proudly Canadian and made from beautiful fabrics with the highest quality crafting.

With your child in mind we have designed comfortable, innovative clothing focused on encouraging independence, promoting personality and self confidence. " I do it " or "all by myself" are sometimes their first sentences. For infants and toddlers we have limited the number of snaps, buttons and zippers.

We have complimented our ACBeBe label clothing with some very luxurious and unique finds gathered from around the globe. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

– The ACBeBe Team

B. Grace Creatives

I am a once upon teacher who has taken the leap of faith into pursuing my passions as I believe life is too short to do anything less.

I taught grade 1 and 2 for three years while constantly developing my photography and calligraphy skills on the side. In my third year of teaching I was hired to shoot my first wedding and I was hooked; I knew I could do this, I just needed to give it the room to grow. Knowing I was head over heels about creating and capturing, I turned down another teaching contract and instead put in my application for a business license.

Life is what you make it. You actually have no limits to what you can do with your life, only the ones you put on yourself. I have found that by pushing through fear, saying yes and being open to learning new things always, I am now living out this flexible lifestyle, pursuing things that make my heart want to explode with joy, and just being rewarded for stepping out in faith.

– B. Grace


Meyer Lemon Confections

Meyer Lemon Confections started with a love of baking and the desire to create something unique. A passion for fresh ingredients stoked the fire on this modern approach to traditional home-baked goods, and stirred the pot regarding average flavours. One might say that these sweet treats are a cross between something traditional and something a bit more complex... similar to that of a Meyer Lemon.


Baubles by BELLAVIE

The term BELLAVIE comes from the Italian word for beautiful and the French word for life, literally beautiful life.   Find the things in life that make you feel beautiful, surround yourself with them.   Dear friends and family, your signature perfume or a great pair of jeans.  Surrounding yourself with things make you feel beautiful help express your personal style and can give you the confidence to step out and conquer whatever awaits.

Baubles by BELLAVIE celebrates my love of jewelry and gemstones. The finishing touches, created with sterling silver and 14K & 18K gold, adorned with beautiful and interesting genuine gemstones and stunning crystals.  My pieces are high in quality, timeless in style and versatile in their appeal.  So whether in jeans and a tank or a gorgeous dress for a black-tie event, Baubles By BELLAVIE has all the irresistible must-have pieces.