Houseplants in need of some TLC? 

Bring your houseplant to Hole’s Greenhouses for a professional inspection and re-potting!

Sooner or later, re-potting house plants becomes necessary.

Plants should be moved into larger containers as they grow. Unless more space is provided for the plant's roots, they can become root-bound in the pot. That is, the roots of the plant become cramped and form a tightly packed mass that inhibits growth.

The Service Includes

  • A thorough checkup of the overall health of your plant
  • Inspection of the root system
  • Examination for pests and diseases
  • Pruning or dividing if necessary
  • Advice on caring for your plant
  • Re-potting with Hole’s professional potting soil


  • FREE re-potting service with purchase of a decor pot from Hole’s
  • $2 per 2.5 cm of container diameter if you bring in your own pots

Things to Note

  • Service does not include pickup or delivery of houseplants
  • Distressed, diseased or difficult plants will not be re-potted
  • Cactus plants and orchids will be quoted

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