This is what we need in order to prepare for your visit:

  1. Your Real Property Report (the lot plan you get when you buy your house).
  2. Photos of your yard (even when it is brand new). Stand on your deck and take a series of photos or a panorama of all that you can see from there. Then stand on the ground in front of your deck and do the same. Then stand opposite the deck against the fence and take pictures from the house and the deck. If landscaping the front yard, do the same but for the front yard. Take pictures of all issues that you would like addressed. (e.g. slope, drainage, privacy)
  3. If you have photos from other yards or found landscaping photos in magazines or on the internet that you like, we would like to see those too.
  4. If you bought a new home and have regulations from your developer or neighborhood association, we will need to see those too.

You can e-mail everything to us or you can bring all your documents on a memory stick to the Information Centre, in the Enjoy Centre.

After we have looked at your information, we will call you for a short telephone interview.


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