Help – not just anybody!

When you need help in your garden, you need someone you can trust. Hole's is proud to staff an amazing team of experts. Browse the list of services we offer below, along with the people who provide them!

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Jim Hole

B.Sc. in Agriculture, Certified Professional Horticulturist with the American Society for Horticultural Science, Certified Pesticide Applicator & Certified Arborist

Inheriting my mother's love of horticulture, I grew up in the garden. Along with a variety of FREE Gardening Talks, I offer my expertise as part of several services at Hole's Greenhouses.

Professional Plant Diagnosis

I offer in-store & online Professional Plant Diagnosis services, where I will professionally diagnosis the issue and a Hole's representative will contact you with your report and treatment plan.

On-Site Consultations

Unable to bring in your plant problem? I also offer an Outdoor Plant Consultation service where I will personally visit your yard, identify problems & offer solutions.

Book a 1 hour consultation for $99 and receive at $99 gift card to Hole's!

Plant & Tree Value Assessments

Do you require a value assessment of your plants or trees? Do you need to fill out an insurance claim? I am qualified to help!

I often receive emails about tree or plant damage that may be covered under insurance. As a Certified Arborist, I am qualified to provide a report of the damages and an assessment of tree and plant value. Please fill out the form below to request a quote for this service.

FREE Personal Shoppers

Our personal shoppers are here to help you pick out the perfect plants for your home and garden. Let our experts set you up with all of the tools you need to be a proud and successful plant owner, for FREE!


Hi, I'm Moriganagh. I'm a creative type with an eye for aesthetics, and plants are no exception! For years I've been designing for the Festival of Trees and the St. Albert Garden Show. Come in and I will help you select pots and plants to accentuate your home decor. Bring photos of your home!



Hi, my name is Lily! My love of plants started when I was a teenager living in South America. The climate in South America gave me a strong understanding of tropical and indoor plants. Having plants in your home is good for your health and a great remedy for allergies. I love snake plants because they are easy to care for and do so much for you by cleaning the air you breath!

Houseplant in need of some TLC? Lily also provides professional inspection and repotting of indoor plants as part of Hole's Houseplant Makeover service. This service is FREE with the purchase of any decor pot from Hole's.


Outdoor Living Manager & Landscape Designer

Hi, I am Maria Beers. Over 30 years ago I started a landscape business in the Netherlands with my husband. We designed, installed and maintained many yards, until we moved to Canada. I love designing yards, using colours, textures and shapes. My experience as a landscaper gives me a solid base to create something that is practical and beautiful. I can help you plan the project and give practical tips about the process and how to be cost effective. I customize every detail to meet your landscape goals and take it a step further to give you something that you might not even know is possible!



Floral Manager

I consider myself an artist in the truest sense of the word. I started at a young age, and was fortunate enough to explore my love for design at a specialty arts high school. During this time you could find me elbow deep in clay, metal, fabric, anything I could get my hands on! This is when I started my floral design career and I have to say that I have been hooked ever since! With over a decade of floral design experience in the Toronto event scene, I have seen and done some pretty amazing things when it comes to flowers, and I look forward to more of these opportunities in Edmonton and St. Albert!

If you have any questions about flowers, art, design, or about how we can make your wedding or event unforgettable, don’t hesitate to contact me!