Tropicals & Houseplants

We carry a HUGE selection of indoor plants & tropicals! Come on down and take a look!!

Indoor Plant Guarantee

Any Indoor Plant purchased from Hole’s is guaranteed for one month.

Any indoor plant from Hole's that has died within one month of purchase, after receiving good care, can be exchanged for a 100% store credit to Hole’s Greenhouses.  All plants must be returned with the Hole’s plant variety tag and receipt. 


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Hole's Indoor Plant & Tropicals List*

*While we always carry a large selection of indoor & tropical plant varieties, we cannot always guarantee the availability of specific varieties, as we operate on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Jade Plant

Japanese Aralia; Standard, Variegated

Japanese Maple


Kalanchoe; Calandiva

Lady Finger Palm


Lemon Tree; Variegated

Lily; Asiatic, Oriental, Clivia

Lime Tree


Maidenhair Fern

Medinilla; Philippine Orchid

Mexican Heather

Ming Aralia

Money Tree



Nerve Plant; Pink, White

Oleander; Standard

Ox Tongue

Palm; Reed, Neanthe Bella Windmill; Ponytail

Passion Vine

Peace Lily

Peacock Plant

Peperomia; Variegated

Persian Shield

Phalaenopsis Orchid

Philodendron; Heart Leaf, Selloum, Split Leaf, Red

Plumosa Fern

Polka Dot

Pothos; Golden, Marble Queen, Lemon Lime

Prayer Plant

Purple Heart

Rubber Tree; Tineke, Burgundy


Schefflera; Trinette

Shamrock Plant

Snake Plant; Standard, Cylindrical, Moonlight

Spider Plant; Varigated

Spiral Albuca

Staghorn Fern


String of Beans

String of Peals

Umbrella Tree

Venus Flytrap 

Wandering Jew

Wire Vine

Yucca Tree

ZZ Plant

African Mask

African Violet

Air Fern

Air Plants


Aloe; Assorted, Tree

Aloe Vera

Aluminum Plant

Arrowhead Vine

Asparagus Fern


Banana; Cavendish, Zebrina, Basjoo

Bird of Paradise

Bird’s Nest Fern; Crispy Wave


Boston Fern

Brass Buttons

Bromeliad; Assorted

Buddhist Pine

Cactus; Assorted, Moon, Jungle

Calamondon Orange Tree

Calathea; Assorted

Calla Lily

Cast Iron Plant

Century Plant

China Doll

Chinese Evergreen


Coffee Plant


Corn Plant

Croton; Standard, Gold Dust, Banana

Cypress Tree


Dracaena; Sol, Anita, Elegance, Warneckii, Limelight, Janet Craig, Lemon Lime, Song of India

Dragon Tree; Colorama

Earth Star


False Aralia

Fiddle Leaf Fig; Bush, Standard

Fig Tree; Weeping; Weeping Variegated

Flame of the Woods

Flamingo Flower

Foxtail Fern

Furry Feather Calathea



Glory Bower




Ivy; Assorted, Grape, Java Grape