One Big Brother On The Roof, One Little Brother On The Ground.

When I was a teenager, my older brother bet that I couldn’t catch a 30lb pumpkin if he lobbed it from the roof of our farmhouse. I took the bet, and I did, in fact, catch it – sort of. The pumpkin split in two right across my knee, and I was splattered with rind, seeds, and pulp. My brother, naturally, nearly laughed himself off the roof.

Having survived that ordeal, I retired from pumpkin catching but I still think that of all the vegetables pumpkins are the most fun to grow and the seeds are a true delicacy. 

Pumpkin seeds are surrounded by pulp but are fairly easy to extract if you put the pulp in a large water filled bowl and slosh the mixture around. Pumpkin seeds will float to the top and can then be transferred to a bowl. Toss in a bit of oil, swirl and then lay the seeds on a cookie sheet and bake. Few things are as tasty and nutritious as baked pumpkin seeds!

One word of caution. It’s better to remove the top of a pumpkin and scoop out the pulp to get to the seeds. The "one big brother on the roof and one little brother on the ground" technique is largely frowned upon today due to safety concerns.

~Jim Hole