3 Seasons Of Carrots

I just pulled the last of my carrots from my garden on Sunday November 15th. 

It wasn’t like the old days on the farm, when we would harvest several tons of carrots in a single day. This final carrot harvest was just enough to fill a 10 litre bucket.

Now the great thing about home grown carrots -- beyond the fact that one has ready access to delicious, nutritious produce all season long -- is that they are incredibly easy to grow.

In fact, anyone can have great success growing carrots with very little effort or cost, and I thought I would share my step by step method of how I do it:

•   I start with Nantes type carrots – they are the sweetest and juiciest
•    I then fill my raised (bottomless) metal container (4 feet long, 3 feet wide, I foot deep) with a mix of our potting soil and SeaSoil (50/50 blend)
•    In late April, I simply rub the soil surface with my hand to smooth the bed out a bit, then I use my index finger to make shallow rows about every 15 cm apart in the container. I tap a package of seed into the rows and then lightly smooth the soil surface. DONE!
•    You shouldn’t spend more then 5 minutes (literally!) smoothing the soil, making the rows, sowing the seed, and covering the seed.
•    Yes, I water, but it takes very little time. I add some Nature’s Source fertilizer to the watering can every couple of weeks.

I sowed the seed on April 30th. The carrots emerged on May 8th. The first harvest was June 9th, and the last harvest was November 15th.

The beauty of the raised container with Hole’s potting soil and Seasoil is that there is less bending, no weeds, and no disease. Plus, the carrots can be pulled straight from the soil mix without the need of any tool. 

My 1 metre square patch provides plenty of carrots for our family of 4 from spring and right through until late fall.

~Jim Hole