These Plants Will Shamrock Your Socks Off!

With St. Patrick's Day right around the corner, what "lucky" plant is better recognized as a symbol of Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day, and good luck than the Shamrock?

Seeing shamrocks on St. Patrick’s Day is a modern tradition which started in 18th century Ireland when shamrocks were tucked into clothing and the “wearing of the green” was a sign of support for the Irish Rebellion (and a hanging offense if you were caught).

Today, wearing green on March 17 is not illegal, butaccording to traditionnot wearing green on that day could get you pinched. So dress accordingly.

Even if you don't happen to be Irish, you should consider these St. Patrick's Day shamrocks "lucky" because they're so easy to grow.

  • These perennial plants thrive in average room conditions (13-18°C), making care a breeze.
  • Shamrocks prefer soil that is kept barely moist and will do fine if the soil dries slightly between watering.
  • They do best in indirect sunlight. A windowsill in your home facing either East or North, or a shaded area outside in the summer is all you need.
  • Given enough light, you can expect lots of small white flowers in the spring and summer.

The 5-petaled flowers are held on tall, slender stems above the foliage and may be white, pink or red, depending on the species.

Hole's offers Shamrock plants in either the classic green or dark purple varieties (or a mix of both) in a 4" pot for just $5.99. Get yours before St. Patrick's Day this Tuesday!

May you have the luck of the Irish with this charming plant. If cared for properly, the Shamrock can be a part of your plant family for years to come.