Grafted Cacti


There are a lot of cool looking plants that I like, but grafted cacti are some of my favourites.
A grafted cactus, in its simplest form, is taking a top of one cactus and sticking it on top of another cactus. After a few weeks, the tissues of the two cacti knit together and a new, and unique plant is born.
A type of grafted cactus that many people love is one that involves placing an unusual, but colourful, cactus called "moon cactus" on top of another similar sized "base" cactus that has had its top removed. Moon cacti lack chlorophyll (the stuff that most plants need to harvest sunlight) thus allowing the bright red and yellow pigments to shine through.
The result is red or yellow-capped cacti with green stems, that create an unusual and beautifully striking plant. Since the moon cacti have no sunlight harvesting chlorophyll, they rely on the green stems of the base plant to provide the nutrients for survival.
Now just remember these cacti require plenty of sunlight and hate "wet feet" so err on the side of less rather than more water. Other than that, sit back and enjoy these strange, but very pretty, grafted cacti!

We recently received a whole bunch of other very interesting cacti (see below!)

~Jim Hole