The Time to Plant Begonias is Now!


If you've got a shady spot in your garden, begonias are a great flowers to consider. 

Begonias come in 2 distinctly different types: fibrous or tuberous. Fibrous begonias are small, compact plants with small flowers. The seeds for those will be planted in the greenhouse near the end of this month.

Tuberous begonias, on the other hand, are showy, large-flowered plants and we're planting our own begonias tubers here in the greenhouse right now. Tuberous begonias were also one of my mother's favourite flowers.

If you'd like to start your own tuberous begonias, now is the time to visit us. Come in and browse our selection of begonia tubers, and bring home some of your favourites.

Generally, we recommend starting tuberous begonias indoors 12-14 weeks before you plan on transplanting them outside. This means that February is the ideal time to be planting them inside for them to be ready in the spring.

When starting your begonias inside, heat and light are essential. My father used to start our begonias in the house on top of the hot water register beside a south window. He added an 8 foot fluorescent light that was on 24 hours a day. These days, I recommend a heating mat and some full spectrum grow lights (sold here in the greenhouse).

This heat and light will allow your the begonias to grow thick and vigorously before the spring. They will be a sight to see in your garden, and—if given plenty of light now—will survive in even the shadiest of spots in the summer.

~Jim Hole

p.s. An updated, complete list of all of our organic, heirloom, and/or non-GMO seeds is now available on our website. Click here to see it and to start planning your garden.