Crescent Garden Planters

Mother’s Day is a great time to treat Mom to brunch, along with a pretty bouquet of her favourite flowers.

For those Moms who love to garden, but who have also become a little weary of the constant bending, there is another great gift that I’m sure she’ll love

It’s called the “Crescent Garden Planter” and it elevates gardening to a new level—literally—by raising the garden to a comfortable height. It really ups the pleasure of growing flowers and vegetables while minimizing the pain. The Crescent Garden Planter has four legs and comes in a range of colours from lime-green, blue, red and black.

I know that after years of working in our family’s vegetable fields and her personal garden, my Mom embraced the idea of growing more of her ornamental plants—and vegetables like tomatoes—in raised containers. She discovered, like we all do, that the ground has a nasty habit of “getting just a bit farther away” with each passing year! 

Plus, there are Moms, who are not just simply tired of bending, but have some mobility issues and cannot bend over.  The Crescent Planter is a great way for them to continue gardening when “in-the-ground” gardening is difficult or impossible.

Besides, whether one has mobility problems or not, bringing fragrant herbs and beautiful flowers closer to nose and eye level is always a good thing—no matter who you are.

~Jim Hole