The Seed Is In!

Historically, January 20th is the coldest day of the year in our region. But it also signals the arrival of all of our flower and vegetable seed, and I find it has a nice way of taking the edge off any winter cold. 

 It also reminds me of growing up on our vegetable farm and the incredible fragrance of the bulk bags of carrot and dill seed. When I was near the seed storage shed I found it nearly impossible to walk past without popping in and sniffing the bags of seed! It wasn’t just the aroma of the seed that I found irresistible, but equally, it was the promise of spring that came with the aroma.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran of vegetable gardening or a complete novice, I am offering FREE seminars this February to get you off on the right foot. With the price of produce being so expensive thanks to the Canadian dollar, this certainly is the year to grow your own vegetables. Nothing beats the taste of homegrown vegetables, and saving money is always in style!

~Jim Hole