Garden Surprise

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of speaking in Buffalo, Alberta. Buffalo is off the beaten path in south central Alberta but I loved driving through the wide-open prairie surrounded by endless sky. And the people of the Buffalo region are fabulous! They were eager to chat and to share their gardening experiences with me.

The one "thing" that I thought was particularly interesting about gardening in the buffalo region is something that must be in the back of the minds of local gardeners, and has to do with a sign that I saw on the highway to buffalo.

 The sign alerts drivers both to the fact that snakes occasionally find there way onto the highways in the region and the importance of drivers watching out for these incredible reptiles.

Now, I’m betting that snakes are an extremely rare find in Buffalo region gardens, but the possibility exists! I just think it would be pretty cool to see these amazing reptiles…at a very comfortable distance, of course.

~Jim Hole