Hanging Basket Care

Hanging baskets are gorgeous additions to anyone’s yard and really add a tremendous splash of colour. But a couple of the biggest challenges that people face with hanging basket plants is keeping them well-watered and well fed. 

Keeping hanging baskets well hydrated has a lot to do with having a sufficient volume of potting soil in the basket to ensure that there is an adequate supply of water at all times, which is tough to do with small baskets. For example, while the difference in soil volume between a 10” hanging basket and a 14” hanging basket may not seem to be a lot at first glance, a 14” hanging basket holds a whopping two and a half times as much soils mixture as a 10” basket! And that extra soil makes a huge difference when it comes to plant performance, so it’s always a good idea to get the 14” hanging baskets if you have the space.

This year we have incorporated a slow-release fertilizer into our hanging basket soil. We’ve found that far too many people are under-fertilizing their baskets and not getting the season-long performance that they want. It’s still a good idea to fertilize your hanging baskets with Nature’s Source 10-4-3 fertilizer weekly, but at least if you forget, you have some "back-up" with the slow-release fertilizer. 

And I’ll be the first to confess that I sometimes forget to fertilize the baskets at home, so I need a back-up as much as anybody!

~Jim Hole