Holy Hydrangeas!

I would have to rank hydrangeas near the top of the list of my favourite shrubs. They aren’t subtle when they bloom, producing spectacular – and often huge - flowers that range from pure white to pink and blue.

Today there are more than a dozen fabulous prairie hardy varieties. Some of my favourites are the pink-flowered "Invincibelle Spirit", the small almost pure-white "Little Lamb" and the lemon-coloured, conical-shaped flowered "Limelight". 

Still, I never get tired of the huge, white, mop-head "Anabelle". I don’t think summer would be the same without this old time favourite in its full glory!

If you are planning on growing hydrangeas the best location in your yard is a spot that gets plenty of morning sun but is protected from hot, afternoon sun. That’s not to say that hydrangeas can’t be grown in sunnier spots, but the leaves and flowers will be smaller, and the flowers won’t last quite as long as hydrangeas that get just morning to early afternoon sun.

Hydrangeas demand rich soils for best performance. Work some Sea Soil into your flower bed before planting or spread some Sea Soil around the base of hydrangeas that are already growing in your garden.

At last count there were over a dozen varieties that we can grow in our region, so there is a hydrangea that is perfect for anyone who wants a dramatic floral display in their garden this summer.

~Jim Hole