Fast Fruit Drive-Through

One of my greatest childhood memories of growing up on the farm was "grazing for fruit".
It worked something like this: If I was riding in the back of our ½ ton truck, and my brother was driving, I would get him to slow down and swerve close to the chokecherry and pincherry trees in the shelterbelt, to hit the "fast fruit drive-through" to speak. It wasn’t a particularly dangerous maneuver, however, getting slapped in the face by branches was often the price one paid for these "mobile" snacks.
But while chokeberries and pincherries were fun to grab from the truck or seat of the tractor, they were still at their tastiest in jams and jellies. The best grazing fruit we had came from the bushes that surrounded our vegetable garden. When Mom would send me out to the garden for a head of cabbage or some beets for supper, I would always take the circuitous path, which usually involved a quick visit to the Nanking cherries, followed by a walk through the raspberry patch, and with a final stop at the Saskatoons. On the way back to the house, I would always grab an apple and finish it before I left the field and then toss the core into the corn patch.

Yes, Mom did have plenty of bowls filled with fresh garden fruit on the table during the summer, but I think that the majority of my fresh fruit consumption during the summer occurred while walking, or while in the back of a truck, or on the tractor.
Today my fruit consumption is much more civilized…but a lot less fun!

~Jim Hole