4 Ways To Protect Your Shrubs & Perennials This Winter


N-Sulate is a fabric covering that is great for perennial beds. The fabric provides protection, while allowing water and snow-melt to pass through and absorb into the soil. 


A large area winter protection favourite for a very good reason – it is inexpensive! Easy to use, place a few inches of straw on perennial beds and around shrubs.

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Hole's Hemp Mulch
Hole's Hemp Mulch is good option for winter protection for a number of reasons.

It is perfect for shrubs and perennials with lots of branches, where the fine bits and pieces of mulch fall through the branches and protect the base of the plant well. Other winter protectors, like N-Sulate or straw, can be difficult to apply around shoots and branches at the base of the plant.

In the spring, simply work the remaining Hemp Mulch into the soil.


Peat Moss
Peat moss is also a good choice for shrubs and plants with lots of branches because, like Hole's Hemp Mulch, it will fall through the branches and protect the base of the plant well. 

Don't use it all? Use it in your garden in the spring!