Rescuing A Stray Cat

A few weeks ago we started to notice something strange out by our receiving docks. Paw prints were appearing in freshly fallen snow, making a trail from our outdoor storage area to our dumpsters and back. It wasn't long before we had sightings of a shy, stray cat living in behind the building.

So many of our staff are animals lovers that we knew we had to do something. Our warehouse manager Paula and her sister Melissa set out help this kitty get away from the cold. They built an overnight shelter box, insulating it with styrofoam, cardboard, and straw and placed it close to where they knew he was hiding. With dry cat food inside, this would give him a place to spend the night in and keep him safer from the winter cold.

Paula checked on the shelter daily and while he ate the food and slept in the box, he never came out when people were around.

Of course we wanted to get him out of the cold altogether so a humane live cat trap was set out during the day. These traps are designed to trap a small to medium animal safely, without harming the animal. It took many patient days, but we are all pleased to say that our patience was rewarded:


Our stray friend was understandably scared at first, having been brought inside to a new place, with many new people. Paula and Melissa made him his own safe space in the warehouse office, where he could eat, sleep and stay warm. The next day he was taken to the vet and found to be in relatively good health for a stray, only needing to be treated for a mild case of worms and ear mites.

In the past few days he's warmed up to people, and has started to play and sleep on Paula's desk. Right now Paula, Melissa and many of the staff are taking care of him and we are looking to see if he has any previous owners. If you recognize our stray friend please let us know, we would love to reunite him with his family! If it turns out he needs a new forever home, don't worry, we already have several people interested in providing him with a safe and warm home!