All About Bromeliads

Blooming in a variety of colours, bromeliads are a perfect way to brighten up your home.


These exotic, tropical plants are related to pineapples and bloom throughout winter. Bromeliads are easy-to-grow, low-maintenance plants that come in a variety of colours including purple, red, orange, and yellow. 

Bromeliads enjoy humid environments and are best placed in bathrooms or kitchens. To water your plant, pour distilled water into the "cups" of the plant. The cups are near the bottom of the plant and hold the water in pools.

Bromeliads reproduce through "pups," which are shoots that grow from the mother plant. These "pups" will continue to mature into another blooming plant. To help your "pups" grow, give them plenty of sunlight.

Certain species of tropical frogs, living in the Amazon Rainforest, form symbiotic relationships with Bromeliads, where both the frogs and the Bromeliads benefit from the relationship.

Like the pineapple, Bromeliads are related to air plants. You can find all of these species here at Hole's.