FREE Pruning Workshop This Weekend!

You know spring can’t be too far away when I’m talking about pruning! My first pruning workshop for 2017 is this coming Saturday (February 25th).
I thought as a bit of a teaser to the workshop, I would throw in a half dozen true or false pruning questions. Let’s see how you do.

  1. Birch and maple trees should only be pruned in late spring so that they don’t "bleed".
  2. When trees are threatening to grow into power lines "topping" the tree is the best strategy.
  3. Nice, clean, cuts close to the trunk are best to ensure the wound heals properly.
  4. Apple trees should only be pruned in the early spring.
  5. Don’t prune roses because you will cut-off the flower buds.
  6. Always remove top growth on a tree to balance root growth when transplanting.

If you answered False to all of these questions, you are correct. There are many myths surrounding tree pruning and I will explain the truth behind pruning so that you know how to tackle the pruning jobs in your yard, and also when it is best to leave it to the pros.
Pruning is one of my most popular workshops so be sure to register early. See you on Saturday!

~Jim Hole