A Healthy New Year

I remember receiving an invitation to the home of one of my favourite customers.
She invited me to her house after she had decorated her entire home for Christmas because she was so excited for me to see it. When I walked in the door, I was overwhelmed with Christmas decorations in every room, on every wall, shelf, ledge and door. There was a fully decorated, themed Christmas tree in each room of the house. Christmas baking was in small dishes beautifully displayed on her dining room table.
Everything was neat, clean, carefully arranged and immaculate which must have taken her weeks to complete. But despite her beautifully decorated home, what immediately caught my attention was the air in the room. It was stuffy, stale and felt very dry. When I looked around the rooms, there was not a single live plant anywhere.
I’ve never decorated my home even close to this extent, but I always had poinsettias and many green plants throughout my house. It was not until I visited her home that I realized how poor the air quality was without plants.
We can’t live without plants. Plants produce oxygen, clean and retain water and plants form the basis of our entire food chain. They do this very silently and continuously which is often why we tend to forget that pretty little houseplant in the corner of the room is working very hard for us indeed.

Humans use the O2 (oxygen) in the air to breathe and produce CO2 (carbon dioxide) as waste. A plant does the exact opposite. Plants derive their energy from CO2 and produce O2 as waste.
Humans also produce other waste, volumes of chemical waste from modern building materials, rugs and fabrics also “breathe” out toxins. Plants also process this waste very effectively, converting our particulate toxins to harmless, usable nutrients for themselves, while simultaneously cleaning the air. What most people don’t know is that, on average, our indoor climate is 5 to 10 times more polluted then the outdoor climate.
Plants work in silence, so we tend to forget how valuable they are to our air quality and quality of life. We do not appreciate these quiet, calm plants enough. We would not survive 10 minutes on earth without plants.
Our home never felt dry or stuff. My sons did not get many colds or illnesses and the air inside our house always smelled fresh and clean.
As soon as I got home I went directly to the greenhouse and picked out the largest poinsettia we had and sent it to her.
My Christmas card simply read "Enjoy Christmas and have a HEALTHY and Happy New Year." I also sent some simple care information about plants!

-Lois Hole