More Than A Gift

A nurse from the U of A Hospital came to see me about her orchid. This orchid was particularly special because it was a gift from my son and daughter-in-law one Christmas to thank her for the wonderful care my 3-year old grandson had received when he was in the hospital.
This same orchid, still thriving 15 years later, was growing well but desperately needed to be repotted. She was terrified to transplant it herself because she didn’t want to kill it.
As we talked some more, she told me that she cherished this particular plant because it was a reminder of the good she tries to do every day.
I remember a woman who brought in a tired looking peace lily that she wanted us to help her repot and clean up.  She had given it to her mother many years ago when her mom was moved into an assisted living home. Her mother had diligently cared for it every day. When mom passed away that peace lily became the one living memory of her mom and she desperately wanted to keep it.
Plants are unique gifts. They don't get put in closets, or eaten, or forgotten.
They can remain in a home or office for years, requiring only simple, regular care.
Plants can be more than just a gift. They can be symbols of love, affection and gratitude. They respond to care and nurture, and over the years, plants can become a cherished reminder of those special people that gave them to us, and the memories we associate with them.

-Lois Hole