Poinsettia Combos

In the "good old days" a poinsettia plant would pretty much stand on its own. You could choose a particular size or colour and, perhaps, dress it up with a bow or a few other "bells and whistles" but the poinsettia was, of course, the dominant feature.
Today, individual poinsettias are still popular, but there now there is a trend to partnering poinsettias with other houseplants – typically tropicals – in a larger container. When Christmas is over, the poinsettias are simply pulled from the container and replaced with other houseplants. The result is containers that look fabulous both during Christmas and long after the last snowflake has melted outside.
I know, at the greenhouses, we have a hard time keeping up with the demand for these tropical – poinsettia combinations that include ferns, colorful coleus, miniature evergreens, and spider plants that provide a nice "waterfall" effect.
Of course, the same care rules apply to these combos as they would to any other houseplant containers. Provide as much bright sunlight as possible during the winter and as much bright, indirect sunlight the rest of the year. Keep the soil moist and provide some 10-4-3 fertilizer when the plants are actively growing. Other than that enjoy the transition from the Christmas season, through spring, summer, fall and right back to Christmas next year – and, hopefully, for years to come!

~Jim Hole