Starting Seeds Indoors

I’ve had a few questions from people who are coming to this weekend’s workshop on "Starting Seeds Indoors".  It seems that the two most common questions everyone wants answered are:
"When do I start my seeds indoors?" and "How do I keep my seedlings from getting stretched and floppy?"
The simple answer to these questions is that you need to understand a bit about the growth habits of the seed that you are sowing and how temperature, light, and water affect the seeds and seedlings.
This weekend we are going to get into the "minds" of seed and I’m going to explain how seeds perceive their growing environment and how they react to it. Once you understand what makes seed "tick" it is pretty easy to start seeds indoors and grow great seedlings.
I like the step by step approach for starting seeds indoors so my game plan is to lay out all of the steps and materials required to get from the start line (seeds in a package) to the finish line (healthy, vibrant seedlings).
At last count we had close to 3000 seed varieties in our garden centre – the largest selection in the region – so I won’t be going through the idiosyncrasies of every variety but I will tackle many of the most popular types of seed.
Hope to see you this weekend!

~Jim Hole