Lois E. Hole Public Elementary School Now Open!!

In Lois Hole's own words, this is what inclusive, public education meant to her:

"Schools work best when they are inclusive, when they throw open their doors for all kinds of students, regardless of culture, religion, disabilities, gender, or economic background. A learning environment made of a wide variety of students gives them the best chance to learn not just math, science, English, and the other regular subjects: it helps them learn about each other, and those lessons are perhaps the most important of all. 

"This district has much to be proud of, and I know that it will continue to serve future students well. It must, for only by ensuring a steady flow of educated, well-rounded, tolerant, critical thinkers can our society continue to grow and prosper." - Lois Hole

We wish all of the students and teachers at Lois E. Hole Elementary a full and exciting school year!