Houseplants: Energy-Free Humidifiers


During the dry, cold months of winter, you can easily and naturally improve your indoor air and climate with houseplants! 

Not only do houseplants clean the air, but they also emit more than 90% of their water into the air via the stomata in their leaves. Plants that need a lot of water—such as fig trees, azaleas and hydrangeas—are particularly effective humidifiers. That said, all houseplants will add humidity, so fill your home or office with your favourites!

Increasing the humidity level in your home with plants also decreases the number of dust particles floating around in your home.

Dust particles are frequent carriers of pollutants; with an increase in humidity levels, the dust particles become heavier and settle onto surfaces, making them easier to clean up. This is extra important in offices where the ventilation fans of computers constantly blow dust into the air. 

When you have a proper humidity level in your home or office, you not only live healthier and feel more comfortable but you can also save on heating costs! How? Well, studies show that we unconsciously perceive living and working areas as warmer and cosier when the humidity levels are higher.

In summary, houseplants are not just for looks: they are important additions to making your home or workplace a healthy environment.