The Importance of Watering and Fertilizing Your Plants

Regular watering and fertilizing is the key to having healthy and lush plants all season long. We very often see long, hot, sunny days in June, July and August which means plants need our support to grow their best. This is especially true of containers and hanging baskets—which can easily dry out—since they can’t draw water from anywhere else but the pot they’re in.

It’s important to water your plants thoroughly and to avoid “baptizing” your plants with a sprinkle of water. Watering only the soil surface encourages shallow, under-developed roots and an unhealthy plant. Plants in a garden can be watered heavily since in well-conditioned soil, excess water will drain away naturally. For your hanging baskets and containers with drainage holes, water deeply until the water runs out the bottom of the pot. A hanging basket will feel almost three times as heavy after being properly watered.

Planters without drainage holes need to be watched more carefully and are not ideal for outside. With nowhere for excess water to escape, this is the one area where it’s easily possible to over water. Outdoor planters should have a way for water to escape, as inevitably we’ll have a heavy rainstorm that could “flood” your container in a matter of hours.

In both your garden and containers, allow the top 2 cm of the soil to dry out before watering again. How often you need to water will depend on the weather. A cool, cloudy week will have you watering every three or four days, but during a week of hot, sunny weather you’ll need to be giving water to your plants every day!

Drought tolerant plants are just that, they’re tolerant of drought but don’t thrive in it. Water drought tolerant plants well until they are established and water during any extended dry periods. They may not like being wet all the time—allow the soil to dry out on the surface—but they do still need water.

Fertilizing is also important for growing those lush plants your neighbours will be jealous of. If sunlight is a plant’s food, then fertilizer is like a plant’s vitamins, allowing the plant to grow bigger, greener and stronger. All plants will benefit from being fertilized, and some, like tomatoes, need regular doses of fertilizer to produce a bountiful crop. Water-soluble fertilizers make it easy to water and fertilize at the same, combining two steps into one. You won’t need to fertilize every time you water, but once a week is generally a good starting point for fertilizing most plants.

A great to time water is in the morning, before the heat of the day. It’s cool enough for moisture to soak into the soil without too much loss from evaporation. Morning watering also allows for the sun to dry any leaves that may have gotten wet, preventing some diseases from growing that love moist foliage, such as powdery mildew.


Our best products for watering and fertilizing:


Dramm Rain Wand

  • Specially designed head breaks up water simulating rain
  • Gentle, full flow won’t wash away soil or harm tender plants
  • Lightweight with foam grip for comfortable watering
  • Handcrafted brass shut off for durable multiyear use
  • Use by professional growers for over 75 years

Dramm Watering Hoses

  • Crush proof, nickel plated brass fittings. Fittings won't pull off hose
  • Hexagonal shape resists kinking
  • coils easily and remains flexible up to -30°C
  • used by professional growers and horticulturlists
  • Durable rubber similar to car tires, won't crack or separate




Dramm Sprinkler Systems

  • Water large areas over a period of time
  • Hand-crafted brass nozzles for durable multiyear use
  • Adjustable for spread and pattern
  • Various styles for different areas and needs
  • Additional timer automatically shuts off water flow




Dramm Soaker Hoses

  • Slow, even release of water along entire length of hose
  • Thoroughly waters using 90% less water
  • Thicker walls prevents “geyser effect” along hose
  • Ideal for watering on a slope, water seeps from hose to ground with little run off
  • Tree ring available for watering newly planted trees



Dramm Watering Cans

  • Extra Long spout allows watering deep into foliage, directing water where you want it
  • Designed to keep its balance, decreasing water spillage
  • Includes detachable sprinkling nozzle
  • Injected molded plastic won't rust or leak



Jim Hole's Hemp Mulch 450x600.jpg

Hemp Mulch

  • Keep your garden neat and tidy, place on bare ground between rows
  • Aids in moisture retention and weed control
  • Completely biodegradable, till into garden soil in fall
  • Dust free, light weight and rot resistant
  • Fast growing renewable resource grown on Canadian prairies






Nature’s Source Fertilizer

  • Natural oilseed extract based formula, GMO and heavy metal free!
  • Easily mixes into cold water with no odour, just water into your plants
  • Won’t burn plants, and is safe to use around children and pets
  • All purpose fertilizer. Can be used for seedlings and mature plants
  • It’s what we use here at Hole’s Greenhouses