Medicinal Cannabis Blog #1

Medicinal Cannabis Blog #1

by Jim Hole

As many of you know, I wear two hats when it comes to horticulture.

The first is overseeing ornamental and edible plant production at Hole’s and the second is being in charge of medicinal cannabis cultivation at Atlas Biotechnologies in Lac Ste. Anne county, Alberta.

Naturally, many people are curious about cannabis and how it grows so I thought that it would be great to give some insight into the world of medicinal cannabis and what it takes to get from seed to sale. With this first blog on medicinal cannabis the first place to start is with the Atlas Biotechnologies facility itself.

The requirements for growing medicinal cannabis are very strict with sanitation being at the top of the list. Hallways and grow rooms are spotless and “gowning-up” to enter any grow space becomes second nature. Putting on suits, hair nets, beard nets, booties and gloves are just the minimum standard attire that each employee and visitor must don inside the grow facilities at Atlas.

 Grow rooms are sanitized after each harvest and tested for bacteria and fungi. To say that the facility is more like a hospital than grow space for plants is an understatement. Every plant has its own unique identification number and every bit of plant material is accounted for and documented.

 Medicinal cannabis production is a fascinating endeavour!