Keeping Your Soil Healthy

Keeping your Soil Healthy

If you're not blessed with perfect garden soil from the start—and few of us are—you will need to amend the soil and that means adding plenty of organic matter such as organic Sea Soil.

Sea Soil can be added to the soil anytime that the soil is warm enough to work, though the most convenient times are in the early spring, before you've planted your gardens, or in the fall, after the growing season is over.

Amending the soil can take a lot of Sea Soil; generally, you need enough to cover your beds to a thickness of 5-8 cm (or more if your soil is particularly dense with too much clay). Till in the Sea Soil with a rake or rototiller, and you're on your way to a healthier garden!

You can also boost your soil’s health by applying earthalive™ Soil Activator. Composed of a blend of naturally-occurring soil microorganisms, Soil Activator boosts plant health by increasing the availability of nutrients in the soil and also improves soil moisture retention.

Note that amending your soil isn't a one-time affair; since your garden uses the soil year after year, it's only natural that the soil's quality will erode over time. Adding soil amendments such as Sea Soil and Soil Activator once a year is an excellent way to keep your soil fertile.