Weed Control Made Easy

Weed Control Made Easy

It's that time of the year where weed problems start to show. Not only are they an eye sore, but they are a pain to get rid of. Whether it be in the garden bed, near pathways or even in your planters, picking weeds one by one can cause quite the headache. However when weed control is done right, it can be very effective in minimizing or eliminating weed growth altogether.

Stirrup Hoe

A stirrup hoe gets the weeding job done efficiently, effectively and with the least amount of back bending. It is a band of steel attached to a handle and is very proficient at cutting out weeds with much less effort than the conventional big "broad bladed" hoe.

Wait until the top of your soil is dry, and then simply run the stirrup hoe along the top 1-2 centimetres of the soil wherever you see weeds and it will effortlessly pull the weeds out with a gentle tilling of the soil.

The stirrup hoe is easy to manoeuvre around bushes and your perennials, annuals, and vegetables. It is good practice to use the stirrup hoe once a week, when the weeds are still small and easy to pull out of the soil. By staying on top of your weeding and getting them while they're small, you won't even need to bag most small weeds up. Most tiny, pulled-out weeds can be left on top of the soil, where they will quickly dry up and die.

Path Clear

Path Clear is an effective spray for killing annual weed seedlings. You can also use this product for control of grass and weeds on driveways, sidewalks, patios, gravel and more.

Visible effects occur after treatment, and actively growing susceptible weeds are controlled within 1-2 daysPath Clear leaves no harmful residue in the soil. Available in a 709 mL ready-to-use spray bottle, it is convenient and suitable for small problem areas.

Hemp Mulch

Hole's Hemp Mulch will allow water and nutrients into your garden soil, will help you cut down on your watering by keeping the moisture in your soil and it will act as a physical barrier to keep most weeds out of your soil.

  • Keeps your garden neat and tidy.

  • Aids in moisture retention and weed control.

  • Completely biodegradable, till into garden soil in fall.

  • Dust free, light weight and rot resistant.

  • Fast growing renewable resource grown on Canadian prairies.

Watch our video on how to use hemp mulch here.

Selective Herbicides

Selective (Broadleaf) herbicides like Weed B Gon are generally sprayed on and absorbed by the big, broad leaves of weeds like dandelions, and eventually enough herbicide is absorbed by the leaves to kill the whole plant.

This product utilizes the natural power of iron to deliver visible results within hours–tackling dandelions, English daisies and more without harming your grass. This convenient, ready-to-use format is ideal for those not wanting to mix their own weed control solutions. Simply spray, and watch your dandelions go away!

Non-Selective Herbicides

Non-selective herbicides will kill all plants, broadleaf or not. They're good for dandelions, grasses, and chickweed to name a few. While they are great for controlling chickweed or quackgrass, be careful when applying them near lawns or gardens. Because of their non-selectivity, they need to be applied carefully so that none of it drifts via air or water currents onto plants you'd rather keep alive (like your tomatoes or lawn!)

Bye Bye Weed is a great non-selective herbicide. Remember, this will kill any plant, including lawn grass, so use it away from your lawn and only where you need to.