Take the Bite Out of Mosquitoes

Take the Bite Out of Mosquitoes


Pi Active

For safe, personal protection, use DEET-Free Pi Active insect repellent. Pi Active gives up to 12 hours of protection from mosquitos and ticks.

The DEET-free formula is non-scented, not oily or greasy and won't damage plastic or synthetic materials. Suitable for use on children 6 months and older, Pi Active is a safe and effective choice for your whole family.


Use Mosquito-Less in your backyard to repel mosquitoes. Made of garlic oil, easy-to-use and safe, Mosquito-Less is perfect for your backyard.

Apply a few hours before you want to enjoy your backyard. Liberally spray your lawn, flowers, trees, and shrubs for a naturally mosquito-free yard.

Mosquito Coils

Mosquito coils are an easy way to create an invisible barrier against mosquitos and other insects. Each coil kills mosquitoes for up to 7 hours, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors in peace.

Mosquito Shield's Rechargeable Bug Zapper

This bug zapper is unique in that it does not use a chemical lure, making it safe for use both inside and out, even in enclosed spaces.

The rechargeable battery lasts for up to 8 hours on a full charge and can be hung anywhere with the collapsible hanger. The built in catch tray makes it cleaning the bug zapper a breeze.

Mosquito Dunks.jpg

Mosquito Dunks

Have standing water on your property? Use Mosquito dunks to biologically control and kill mosquito larvae before they become adults. The active ingredient is a naturally occurring bacteria (Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis) that is toxic to mosquito larvae and nothing else, making them safe to use around aquatic wildlife.

Malathion Concentrate & Dial n' Spray

For those with larger yards, use Malathion Concentrate in your Dial n' Spray, on a setting of 4. Spray your yard and surrounding bushes a couple hours before you enjoy your yard. Kills aphids, caterpillars, mosquitoes, mealybugs, mites and several other insects.