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I spent the end of last week speaking at Canada Blooms in Toronto.

 The show is the largest of its kind in Canada and spans a full 10 days that are filled with everything to do with gardening. If you haven’t been to Canada Blooms, it is well worth making the trip to see the latest trends and get ‘revved’ for the upcoming gardening season.

One highlight for me was the opportunity to sit down with Susan Antler, the executive director of the Composting Council of Canada and chat about where the world of composting was headed. For those who aren’t aware, Susan’s organization is comprised of compost producers who are committed to encouraging the use of compost and setting quality standards for the industry.

Susan explained that the composting council is encouraging compost producers to get their compost certified under the Compost Quality Alliance (CQA) label to ensure that gardeners receive the highest quality compost possible. Currently, the federal government sets standards for things like maximum concentrations of heavy metals and human pathogens, but does not regulate for the horticultural quality of compost.

The CQA label on a bag of compost goes above and beyond government regulations and assures gardeners that not only is the compost they are purchasing safe for humans, but is also an excellent growing media for our garden plants.  

I think it is great to see initiatives like this being developed from respected organizations like the Composting Council of Canada and I hope to see more composting companies displaying the CQA label on their bags.

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~Jim Hole