Curb Appeal Contest: Before & After

Thank you to all of our contest applicants! With so many amazing yard transformations, choosing a winner was no easy feat!

1st Place Winner: Laurie Keindel!

"Global News has broadcasted from our yard and we have been Winterscape finalists twice. We need help badly, as people enjoy passing our home for a smile. We have a rep to keep up with!" - Laurie Keindel

"Participating in this contest was an adventure and a pleasure! Our home is on a hill, so decision #1 was to prop the baskets high enough so that they could be seen from the curb. Then, all of our perennials that were previously in our yard were transplanted to the local community garden in Devon for others to enjoy. The garden was designed for birds to enjoy so that our indoor cats could watch them. I think the change is from night to day!" - Laurie

Great work Laurie!
We're happy to see you had some help too!

2nd Place Winner: Wendy Lickacz!

"Living on my urban west-end crescent for almost 30 years leaves an impression in keeping the natural look and feel of urban country living alive. Times have changed, and while I maintain my country, woodland, and native plants and shrubs, I envision enhancing my entrance and address signage to harmonize with the modern neighbourhood." - Wendy

"Receiving your flowers was the catalyst for me to create newfound beauty that has enhanced my curb’s appeal. I designed and built this floral creation using nature’s elements along with the dedication and pleasure of time. The display has been a showstopper delighting neighbours and passersbyers who have initiated conversations with one another to express their appreciation, joy, and delight. Thank you for the opportunity to be a ‘busy bee’ steward of your glorious flowers!" - Wendy

3rd Place Winner: Tammy Lawrence!

"I was 7 when my father bought the house new in 1972—back when there was nothing but farmland beyond the Duggan neighbourhood. When my father passed away 9 years ago he left his home to me! I intend to never leave and have been working hard to beautify the gardens. The statues were birthday presents from dad. With a lot of love, hard work and concrete from a neighbours driveway it's starting to come together! I need help to finish! Winning would be a dream come true!" - Tammy

"My garden looks so lovely now, thanks to Holes!! Thank you VERY much for adding beauty to my home! 🏡 I look forward to returning for products to help beautify the huge waterfall and pond I am also working on in my backyard." - Tammy

Thank you again to all who participated!

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