Hole's 6 Favourite Mid-Summer Yields

Jealous of your neighbour snacking away in his yard? Did you miss the planting season? Are you looking for a fruit producing perennial to spice up your landscape? Whatever your needs, we've got you covered. Here are our favourite varieties for a mid-summer harvest! Pick one up at Hole's today and avoid missing out on garden-fresh fruits & vegetables ever again.


1. Wyoming Black Raspberry

This hardy variety produces tasty, dark-black raspberries in mid-summer. Good for snacking, baking, & preserving. This plant is also non-suckering - ideal for a smaller garden! Pick yours up today!


2. Lee #8 Saskatoon

This is a variety to choose for consistent fruiting, good yields, & good eating. It comes as a cross from Thiessen and Northline. Saskatoons are known for being very hardy on the prairies! We've got lots of these in stock!


3. Cool Breeze Cucumber

Deliciously crunchy and seedless, Hole's Hybrid Cool Breeze Cucumber is perfect for snacking and thrives in this climate. Find these exclusive seeds here, at Hole's Greenhouses.


4. Indigo Cherry Tomato

Can you believe the colour!? The unique purple skin contains high levels of anthocyanins which are disease-fighting compounds that help fight cancer, reduce inflammation, and slow the aging process!

Sure to turn heads, these tasty little tomatoes boast a semi-sweet flavour and a firm, crunchy consistency. Perfect for healthy snacking and salads!


5. Mama Mia Giallo Pepper

This slender, golden pepper grows on compact plants. This makes it great for patio container growing but great in the garden as well. Sweet and very early maturing, you can't go wrong with this delicious pepper in the kitchen! 


6. Nanking Cherry

The Nanking cherry grows on medium-sized shrubs that are a flattering addition to any yard. The fruit is small, but very sweet and juicy! Great for fresh eating, baking, preserves, & wine-making! This is a the perfect perennial to pick up from us for your yard!