5 Reasons To Love Succulents

1. They come in so many different colours

We carry a huge selection of exotic succulents... grow your collection! Succulents need friends too.


2. They'll support you on your special day

The Floral Studio at Hole's can create beautiful succulent bouquets & boutonnieres (like this little guy pictured) for your special day. Visit them online here


3. They know the best spots to hang out (literally)

We carry a variety of beautiful, geometric terrariums that are planted and ready to hang out. Or pick up a terrarium & succulents for a DIY project or as a gift!


4. They'll outlive the rest of your bouquet

Try a bouquet with long lasting Echeveria succulent blooms can be plucked from the arrangement and, with patience, rooted in soil to be kept as a houseplant. Buy yours here!



5. They help share your favourite photos!

Go vertical! We carry a huge selection of colourful magnetic pots for succulents & other houseplants.