Hot Gardening Trends of 2015

Above, a few of the mini terrarium gardens available in our greenhouse. 

Above, a few of the mini terrarium gardens available in our greenhouse. 

Happy New Year! There are many "Hot 2015 Gardening Trends" lists that come out at this time of the year, so I thought that I would compile items from a few of my favourite lists and see what you think.
Cool and exciting
The first gardening trend for 2015 that caught my eye and that every gardener will love is "plants that are cool, exciting, and not a ton of work.”
Now, I think that this “trend” has been around for a long time, but there is little doubt that we all want to reduce the workload in the yard and have cool, exciting landscapes to enjoy. Maybe 2015 is the breakthrough year?
Small space gardens
Let’s face it, yards are generally getting smaller and everyone wants to get the most out of the limited space they have. Dwarf plants, square foot gardens, and vertical gardening are a few ways to do this.
Miniature Gardens and Terrariums
Continuing on with the small theme, miniature or Fairy gardens, bonsais, and terrariums continue to grow in popularity. These Lilliputian landscapes look great, don’t take up a lot of space, and can have a variety of themes from fairies to dinosaurs or model trains. The choices are only limited by one's imagination.
Urban Agriculture
An increasing number of people are rethinking what their yards are all about.

Some are embracing the idea of treating their yards as tiny farms or urban agricultural plots. Some are even campaigning against city bylaws and ordinances that prohibit the use of animals like chickens in residential areas.

I think it’s a pretty good guess that we won’t see a lot of livestock in our cities anytime soon but I do think there will be pockets of more intense vegetable and fruit growing in neighbourhoods.

~Jim Hole

Which gardening trends are you interested in this year? Do you have ideas for workshops that you'd like to see us put on or things you'd like to learn more about this year? Drop us a line at newsletter@holesonline.com! We're programming our 2015 workshops and events now and would love to hear from you.