Loam, loam on the range...


I have a special passion for soils. After all, our farming business began here in St Albert with my Dad scooping up a handful of soil from the banks of the Sturgeon River, squeezing it in his hands, and declaring "This is #1 soil."
Mom and Dad knew that the foundation of any successful farm is high-quality soiland the St Albert and Edmonton region has plenty of it. We are blessed here with loamy soils that are deep, rich, and capable of growing fabulous crops during our years of abundant sunshine and plentiful rainfall.
Great soil is also the foundation for all great gardens but—although it is literally right underneath our feet—there is a lot of confusion about what it is and how to best take care of it.
On Saturday, March 14th at 11 am, I'll be holding a workshop at the Enjoy Centre to solve some of the mysteries our incredible soil, as well as to offer you a firm grounding on how to create the best soils for your garden.

I'll be sharing all of soil's "dirty" little secrets, including:

  • How soil pH affects your plants
  • How soils can get too salty and how to solve it
  • Which nutrients are most important to have in your soil and what happens if you don't have them
  • What types of soils to use for which purposes
  • And what the heck is loam?!

Given that the United Nations has declared 2015 as "the International Year of Soils," I think it’s high time to shine some light on it! 

~Jim Hole