Remarkable Radishes

Radishes take very little room to grow, and can be planted to mature during any cool season, making them ideal for Alberta's growing conditions.

They are often used as row markers for slower germinating vegetables like beans or corn, and make a great starter plant for kids.


If you're thinking of growing your own radishes this year, here are some great radish varieties for you to try!:


French Breakfast Radish - Also known as "Breakfast Radish", "Flambeau", "Flambo" and "Les Radis Petit Déjeuner", is a popular heirloom variety with bright rose scarlet at the top and white blunt tips. With 5cm long roots that are crisp, mild, and surprisingly sweet, this variety is  perfect for munching and slicing.

French Breakfast radishes are an ideal crop for containers, window boxes and greenhouse borders, and can be sowed regularly for continuous succulent roots throughout the summer.


Daikon Radish - Minowase -"Daikon” is “radish” in Japanese, so this variety is also referred to as “Japanese Minowase Daikon".

An old-fashioned Japanese favourite with giant white roots that grow up to 60 cm long and  7.5 cm wide! This variety has a much milder taste than it's western cousins. It's sweet and very crisp, and is a delight pickled, stir-fried, steamed or eaten raw.

Daikon radishes are large and require deeply prepared soil. Sow and grow them as you would for turnips, thinning them to 15-20cm apart.


Round Black Spanish Radish - Black radishes have been grown and savored in Europe since the 1500s. This winter-hardy heirloom is a distinctive black colour on the outside with a milky white and tender interior.

These large 8-10cm turnip-shaped globes have crisp, pungent, spicy pure-white flesh, that packs quite a bite.

The Black Spanish Round radish is considered a winter radish but can be planted in both spring and autumn. They are reliable, they last forever in the garden and in storage, and are one of the easiest things you will ever grow!


Watermelon Radish - This striking Asian heirloom,  also know as "Beauty Heart" in Chinese, produces 7 to 10cm roots with pale green exteriors and rich rose-red crunchy flesh the same colour as a perfectly ripe watermelon!

The sweet, mild to just slightly peppery flesh is perfect to shred into salads for fantastic colour and flavour.

Be sure to seed every few weeks if you desire a steady crop of heirloom radishes out of your garden.  Nothing can be easier to grow!  Consistent watering will tend to eliminate woody roots and make for a better tasting radish.


Rainbow Radishes - Brighten up your salad bowl with this visually stunning selection of coloured-skinned radishes!

This blend of radish seeds is a custom mixture in rainbow shades of cherry-red, white, plum purple, and rose rink, all with crunchy mild white flesh and strong growing foliage.

Rainbow radishes crispy round roots are fast, simple, gratifying-to-grow signature crop of early spring.