A-peeling Potato Varieties

Delicious and nutritious! Nothing beats the taste of your own home-grown "spuds". There are hundreds of potato varieties to choose from but here are a few great choices:


A) Yukon Gold Potato (Solanum tuberosum) - Plant these in your garden and you will have a goldmine of yellow-skinned, yellow-fleshed potatoes ready to harvest in 100 days. Yukon Gold is widely acclaimed as the star of golden-fleshed potatoes, and for good reason! Sporting a thin golden skin, it is renowned for its outstanding flavor and dry texture. These potatoes are excellent for baking, boiling, roasting, and frying.


B) Purple Magic Potato (Solanum andigenum) - Here’s one of my favourites. These potatoes feature dark purple skin with an attractive, deeper purple flesh. “Purple Magic” has the same flavour and nutritional value as regular potatoes, and as a bonus, they contain as much antioxidants as spinach or kale! A real gourmet treat! The potato is a high-yield variety and these multi-purpose tubers are ideal for chips, roasting, frying, or in potato salad.


C) Rosemarie Potato (Solanum tuberosum cv.) - What a colourful potato! This mid-season fingerling has bright red skin and deep red flesh. These gourmet, nutritious fingerlings are ideal for baking, boiling, or potato salad.

D) Potato Rake - Yes, there’s a tool for that! The potato rake is more versatile than its name implies. Its tines are sturdy and ideal for digging or harvesting potatoes and similar types of vegetables. It can also be used to transfer manure and loose material or even for general garden clean-up. The potato rake is great as it allows you to dig into the soil and harvest your potatoes without accidentally cutting your potatoes in half (as sometimes happens with a shovel).

E) Potato Bag - Not many people seem to know this, but potatoes are great for growing in containers! If you’re looking to give it a try, Smart Pot containers are a fantastic choice. The Smart Pot is porous fabric aeration container that releases heat and promotes fibrous root growth. The result is a better root structure and better potatoes!