Good As Gold

If you’re longing for spring, here is a little "pick-me-up":
In early December while everyone was buying poinsettias and Christmas cacti, we were busy seeding some tuberous begonias for the spring bedding plant season. These begonias are sown into flats and then put under grow lights for 14 hours per day. The grow lights provide much needed light for the seedlings, plus the long days prevent the little seedlings from thinking fall is coming up.
One interesting fact about begonia seed is that an ounce of begonia seed is worth more than an ounce of gold. It seems impossible, but the reason it’s so expensive is that each seed is the size of a dust particle. A single ounce of begonias contains about 2 million seeds!
In our greenhouses, we use just a very, very, tiny fraction of a ounce and if all goes well, the tiny seeds will grow into mighty begonia plants by spring. Thankfully, all of our begonia seed is "pelletized" so that it can be more easily handled. I would hate to think of the task of trying to sow "raw" seed. One would need exceptional eyes, a steady hand, and the ability to refrain from sneezing!

~Jim Hole