Only 131 Days Left Until Christmas!

This week, our growing team is – wait for it – pinching poinsettias for the Christmas season!
This time of year, I much prefer thinking about summer barbeques and cycling, but poinsettias have their own agenda. They need a good four months in our growing range to attain their full glorious colour in time for the beginning of the holiday season, so scheduling them correctly is critical. Poinsettias need to "bulk up" before the nights become longer than the days in late September. Once the short days start, poinsettias are triggered to initiate flowers and there is little that can be done to increase their final size.

Now, while I have you thinking Christmas, however fleeting that thought is, now is the time to at least give your Christmas office party some thought. Danny Hooper and his gang are returning to Hole’s this December for their annual "Deck the Hall Ball" multi-company Christmas party. It’s a party that is not to be missed and was so popular last year that it Danny has added additional nights on the schedule (December 9th , 10th ,16th and 17th).

It’s easy to buy tickets online by going to Dannyhooper.com and clicking on events. There will be great food from our Glasshouse Bistro and the wonderful down home fun that only Danny can deliver.
 And, of course, there will be poinsettias adorning the tables if we stick to the schedule!

I See That Poinsettia Is Painted Green and I Want It Painted Red (and White, and Pink).

We mentioned last week how many indoor plants need extra, artificial light to survive Edmonton's dark winters (by the way, if you haven't picked up your full spectrum grow lights yet for your indoor plants, what are you waiting for? Come visit us today!)

One exception to this rule is our poinsettias, grown right here at Hole's Greenhouses. Like any other plant, they do need lots of light to grow and to get bigger.

But if you want your poinsettias to bloom, they must be exposed to at least 12 hours of continuous, uninterrupted darkness each day for 8 to 10 weeks.

We've been subjecting our poinsettias to 12 hour "black-outs" since late-September and they are now changing colour! Check them out!

You can order your Hole's poinsettia online or come visit us in store to browse from our selection of over 60 different poinsettia varieties.