The Annual Elite

The Annual Elite

All-America Selections is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting excellence in plant breeding. Each year, a panel of volunteer judges selects some of the very best varieties, recognizing them for outstanding garden performance, beauty or, in the case of edible plants, flavour. AAS winners usually have at least two or three significant improvements over previous similar varieties!

‘Blue Wave’ Petunia

The ‘Wave’ series is already well-known for unparalleled vigour, producing dozens of large, vibrant blooms on huge, bushy plants. ‘Blue Wave’ possesses the same admirable qualities as its predecessors, but the blooms are a rich, fade-proof, deep blue. And it flowers all season with no pinching or pruning!

‘Prairie Sun’ Rudbeckia

‘Prairie Sun’ is a show-stopping, 90-cm tall rudbeckia with fantastic 12-cm blooms. The golden petals are tipped in primrose yellow and the eye is a gorgeous light green. It looks great as a focal point in containers!

‘Corona Cherry Magic’ Dianthus

This unique dianthus blooms in cherry red, lavender or a bicolour mosaic of both, resulting in an unpredictable but beautiful array of colour.

‘Purple Majesty’ Ornamental Millet

Ornamental millet is great for adding height and texture to a bed. ‘Purple Majesty’ accomplishes both feats and brings a fantastic dark purple colour to the garden. Plus, the tall flower spikes make ideal cut flowers.

‘Can Can Scarlet’ Carnation

A bouquet of carnations will warm the heart and these beauties have the added attraction of a powerful, spicy fragrance. The blooms are a vibrant scarlet, while the stems are an attractive shade of grey-green. The flower shape and quality are similar to commercial cutflower carnations!

Japanese Maple and Rudbeckia on sale now!

Japanese Maples and Brown Eyed Susans

Japanese Maples and Brown Eyed Susans

The summer sales continue this week with both our Japanese Maples and Rudbeckia!

Our Japanese Maple are now 75% OFF and come in a variety of sizes. They are a very popular tree because of their elegant, airy leaves. They're also small enough to keep in a pot on the deck during the summer (and in the winter, simply bring the pot into your attached or heated garage).

We also have our 9cm Rudbeckia (or "Brown Eyed Susans") on sale at 50% OFF (reg 4.99, sale 2.50). An Albertan favourite, these flowers come back every year and make a great contrast to the sage or veronica in your garden. 

Rudbeckia make a great cutflower, and our "Goldsturm" variety is especially well known for its long lasting bloom.