No Space, No Problem! University of Alberta Students Build Sustainable Growroom

A group of University of Alberta students, lead by Hayley Wasylycia, are gaining attention after building an Urban Growroom on campus, based on Space10 Growroom’s open-sourced design. In fact, the University of Alberta’s Growroom is the first ever Space10 Growroom to be built outside of Denmark.

The Space10 Growroom is a multi-tiered, spherical garden, designed to alleviate the issues of available space that often arise when trying to integrate food and gardens into the urban landscape.

Hole’s Greenhouses is pleased to have been involved in the outstanding project, through the donation of greenery. Beyond urban growing and sustainability awareness, there are tremendous benefits on-campus Growrooms and plants have for students. With their air cleaning and oxygen producing capabilities, studies show that plants boost attention spans and increase productivity. A Growroom on campus provides students with a tranquil space to catch a breath of fresh air between classes, studying and exams.

The University of Alberta’s Urban Week event took place March 20th-24th, 2017, during which time the Space10 Growroom was on display. It will soon find a permanent home in Edmonton, and a permanent one on the University of Alberta campus is being explored.

Visit for more information and upcoming Space10 Growroom locations.

Stop Talking, Start Sprouting!

Sure, we all want to create less waste, reduce our ecological footprint and use sustainable resources, but such a large task can be daunting. Sprouting Kits are a great place to start! At Hole’s Greenhouses, we believe that Urban Farming is a critical component of sustainable communities. "Food Deserts" (areas where nutritious food is difficult to access) are becoming increasingly common. Using a sprouting kit at home is one way of bridging the gap by putting nutritious, fresh food within arm’s reach.


With the Biosta Sprouting Kit you can:

  • Grow shoots and sprouts that aren’t available at your local grocery store
  • Grow GMO and pesticide-free produce
  • Grow nutrient-dense produce; rich in natural vitamins, minerals, proteins, and enzymes
  • Harvest fresh sprouts in as little as 3 days!
  • Grow a variety of different seeds, year-round in the comfort of your own home
  • Use your fresh sprouts to make simple, tasty, and attractive gourmet dishes
  • Hide the sprouts and shoots in a smoothie for the kids!
  • Save money—each serving costs a few pennies
  • Reduce your ecological footprint with the "0 mile" diet!

Stop talking and start sprouting today! Pick up your Biosta Sprouting Kit at Hole’s Greenhouses.