urban farming

Your Urban Oasis


“Gardens have an almost magical ability to transport us to another place, far away from our everyday stress and worries. You don’t have to live on a farm to experience the magic. You can carve out a vegetable patch in a tiny urban backyard. You can fill a windowbox with potting soil and create a flowerbed on your apartment balcony. You can even tend tomatoes on the 23rd floor of an office tower.” - Lois Hole, I’ll Never Marry A Farmer


Spending time in nature can be difficult when you live in the city. Start by creating an inviting outdoor space for your family and friends to enjoy! Hole’s carries a huge selection of pre-made flower planters and hanging baskets to instantly make the outdoors actually feel like the outdoors. One quick stop at Hole’s Greenhouses and you’ll be enjoying your balcony like never before! Take advantage of our FREE planter delivery from June 16 to July 10!


Straight from your plant to your plate (or cocktail!)—it doesn’t get any fresher than that! Have you ever purchased herbs from the grocery store? They’re affordable and taste great, but after a day or two, they begin to wilt and end up in the trash. Growing your own herbs saves time and money, and prevents waste. Right now at Hole’s, save 25% on Lois Hole’s Herbs & Edible Flowers book with the purchase any of our herb plants!


A breath of fresh city air—yes, it’s possible! The indoor air we breathe can be stale and unhealthy, but plants are natural air purifiers—and they look great too! Relax and breathe easy knowing your air is healthy and clean.

Where can you start? Try an easy-to-care-for indoor plant like a spider plant, ivy, or fern. Plus, from June 16 to July 10, get your indoor plant repotted for FREE with the purchase of any decorative pot!

Stop Talking, Start Sprouting!

Sure, we all want to create less waste, reduce our ecological footprint and use sustainable resources, but such a large task can be daunting. Sprouting Kits are a great place to start! At Hole’s Greenhouses, we believe that Urban Farming is a critical component of sustainable communities. "Food Deserts" (areas where nutritious food is difficult to access) are becoming increasingly common. Using a sprouting kit at home is one way of bridging the gap by putting nutritious, fresh food within arm’s reach.


With the Biosta Sprouting Kit you can:

  • Grow shoots and sprouts that aren’t available at your local grocery store
  • Grow GMO and pesticide-free produce
  • Grow nutrient-dense produce; rich in natural vitamins, minerals, proteins, and enzymes
  • Harvest fresh sprouts in as little as 3 days!
  • Grow a variety of different seeds, year-round in the comfort of your own home
  • Use your fresh sprouts to make simple, tasty, and attractive gourmet dishes
  • Hide the sprouts and shoots in a smoothie for the kids!
  • Save money—each serving costs a few pennies
  • Reduce your ecological footprint with the "0 mile" diet!

Stop talking and start sprouting today! Pick up your Biosta Sprouting Kit at Hole’s Greenhouses.