One Year's Seeding Is Seven Years Weeding

I know that some people find weeding rather uplifting and therapeutic. But I think that most would agree weeding is a job that is despised by the vast majority of gardeners. 

For me, weeding fields of cabbage and cauliflower ranked right up with shoveling the chicken manure out of our barn!


But the one thing I learned over time was that having the right tools was critical for getting the weeding job done efficiently, effectively, and with the least amount of back bending.

The "weapons of choice" for winning the war on weeds (or at least the battle) was a combination of different tools.


My recommended weapon of choice for any gardener is the stirrup hoe. It is a band of steel attached to a handle and is very proficient at cutting out weeds with much less effort than the conventional big "broad bladed" hoe.


The Burgon and Ball hoe from Sheffield, England is a fabulous tool that will get weeds in spots that are too tight for the stirrup hoe and will even fit between concrete pads. Just keep the file handy!


Finally, if you want to whack some weeds or even lawn grass that is getting a bit tall in spots, the Corona Grass whip is ideal. You can hold the Grass whip much like you would hold a golf club, so not only will you chop weeds and grass down to size but you might improve your golf game, as well.

As the saying goes for weeds, "One year seeding is seven years weeding".  In other words, if you let your weeds mature and drop their seeds…well, that will equal seven years of bad luck!

~Jim Hole