"Don't Get Too Close" Jim Hole's Best Advice On Wasps

Wasps. I can’t think of any other insect that causes more anger, fear, and loathing than these guys. When summer rolls around, they are at their picnic-ruining peak, and most people are prepared to do anything—just about anything—to get rid of them.
But the main problem with that vendetta-like position is that it leads some people down a dangerous path in an attempt to eradicate wasps from their yards. Recently, a Canadian man accidentally set fire to his home by dousing a wasp’s nest (that was attached to his house) with gasoline and igniting it. Fortunately, his house suffered only minor damages.

Now, if you do find a wasp’s nest around your home, and you want to get rid of it, Knockdown Hornet and Wasp Blaster with the Knockdown Spray Extender is a good way to go. Knockdown contains two very quick acting wasp killers and the spray extender always you to treat the nest from a safe distance.
Still, even with these two products, the best times to spray is not during the day. Very early morning or evening, when the air is cooler, there is little wind, and the wasps are in their nest is the best time to spray. And don’t forget to read the label.
Calling an exterminator is still an option for those of you who don’t want to come anywhere near a wasp’s nest. But if you are so inclined—and a bit vengeful—Knockdown coupled with the Knockdown Spray Extender works very well!

- Jim