Landscaping Design by Maria Beers


Hi, I am Maria Beers. Over 30 years ago I started a landscape business in the Netherlands with my husband. We designed, installed and maintained many yards, until we moved to Canada.

I love designing yards, using colours, textures and shapes. My experience as a landscaper gives me a solid base to create something that is practical and beautiful. I can help you plan the project and give practical tips about the process and how to be cost effective. I customize every detail to meet your landscape goals and take it a step further to give you something that you might not even know is possible!

Landscaping Design – Starting at $225

What to expect once you've purchased your Design package.

I will contact you to upload the information listed below and to begin work on the concept your landscape design. After which we will meet at your residence and will discuss all of your options.

Before we start I will need the following information:

I will send you a questionnaire to get you and your family started on the process of sorting out what is important for you in your new yard.

Your Real Property Report (the lot plan you get when you buy your house). It facilitates the drawing process and has vital information about grading, property lines, utility right of ways, etc.  Please check this RPR document to see if there are Restrictive Covenants listed.

Photos of your yard (even when it is brand new). Stand on your deck and take a series of photos of all that you can see from there. Then stand on the ground in front of your deck and do the same. Then stand opposite the deck against the fence and take pictures from the house and the deck. If landscaping the front yard, do the same but for the front yard. Take pictures of all issues that you would like addressed. (e.g. slope, drainage, privacy) Please do not send panoramic photos or videos.

If you have inspiration photos from other yards or have found landscaping photos in magazines or on the internet that you like, I would like to see those too.

The Design Happens with Your Participation

This is the fun part! I will visit you at your residence and we’ll review the concept of your design. We talk about all options and I will guide you through a design process that includes: traffic flow fencing, sitting spaces, colour preferences, style choices, retaining walls, fire pits, etc. 


Finishing The Plan – $75 per hour

The Plan and Extra Information

At the end of our meeting I will let you know how much more time it will take me to finish all the details of your plan. An average front yard usually takes an additional 1–3 hours while an average backyard usually takes an additional 3–4 hours to finish all the details. Acreages are naturally a bit more.

You are in charge, let me know what your priorities are and I will work within the agreed budget.

When your design plan(s) is finished, all of the plants will be labeled and will include a selection of hardy plants that emphasize shape, size, texture, and seasonal interest.

I will invite you to come to Hole’s Greenhouses where we will sit down to make sure you understand all the details. We’ll also discuss how best to proceed with the installation. Whether you want to Do-It-Yourself or have a landscaper take care of the installation, I can give you suggestions based on decades of experience and that will save you a lot of experimentation and money! Afterwards, you can proceed with getting quotes and installation.

Please note: Hole's Greenhouse does not install gardens. However, we do hand out some names of good people for you to call. We recommend that you get at least two price quotes on your project. Call Landscape Alberta for information on people in the industry.

On-Site Home Landscaping Consultations

Starting at $125 (within ½ hour drive of Hole's Greenhouses)

For more information about at home visits or to book an appointment please contact me: